Chevrolet Camaro: know the history of this motoring classic!

The history of the Camaro begins in 1966. At first, it was a car that would compete with Mustang, one of the most popular models of the time. In those early years, competition between automakers Ford (Mustang) and GM (Camaro) made history. This is because the construction of the Camaro brand was due to the brand of the competitor. The Camaro – animal – is a natural predator of the Mustang. Nothing more suggestive, is there? In today’s post, we’ll talk more about the history of this vehicle that charmed and still charms several generations of car lovers. We will show you how models have evolved over the decades. Be sure to check it out car covers sale!


First generation


The Camaro’s debut model could be found in both the coupe and the convertible versions. The engine was 6 cylinders and 4.8 liters, with 140 horsepower. Already in 1967 and in the following years, other more powerful engine configurations could already be found. This first generation was marked by the participation in races of Formula Indy 500 – modality very popular in the United States until today. In 1969, for example, the Orange Camaro with black stripes and convertible was the pace car (the contemporary car safety car ) of the 500 miles of Indianapolis.


Second generation


The next generation of the Camaro dates back to the 1970s, a time marked by the oil crisis. As a consequence of that troubled period, the models manufactured lost power considerably. To give you an idea, the V8 made in 1975 had only 200 horsepower, something unthinkable for the previous years and for the initial proposal of a car of brutal power. The production of a model with more than 200 horses would happen again only in the years of 1980.


Third generation


In that period, the news was due to the electronic injection system for the V6 and V8 versions. In addition, the engines manufactured became 6-cylinder. At this point, the most prominent version was the IROC-Z, with V8 engine and 220 horsepower. This Camaro even came to parade at the São Paulo Motor Show in 1986.


Fourth Generation


The rounded lines of the 1996 Camaro Z28 version indicated that the 1980s and their consecrated linear forms had lagged behind. We then had a ’rounded’ Camaro, which gave the car a faster-moving look. In those years, the most common engines to be found were the V6 3.4 (160 hp) and the V8 5.75 Corvette (275 hp). And, for the first time, ABS technology was employed in the manufacture of the brake system.


Fifth generation


The technological evolution has contributed to the more powerful engines returned to stay, so that the weaker version of a V6 count on at least 306 horsepower. The weaker V8, in turn, would have an engine with 432 horsepower. In the year 2012, for example, the ZL1 version broke all power records with the following configuration: V8 engine, 588 horsepower and 76.8 mkgf of torque. So, did you enjoy knowing a bit more about the history of the Camaro? So enjoy our Facebook page and keep following other interesting content like this!


6 good reasons to buy a Chevrolet


Buying a car  is an important decision, and with the increasingly fierce competition among automakers, who wins is the consumer. Today, there are many options for vehicles, each with its characteristics, differentials, attractive prices and special conditions of payment. But there is a brand that stands out in the market for its history  of innovation and progress, responsible for making it the leader in the American market and one of the largest automakers in the world: Chevrolet. Founded in 1911, the company started out in a rented garage in Detroit and today is present in every corner of the globe, being known worldwide for the quality, comfort and power of marketed cars. Want to know more about the brand responsible for car classics  such as Suburban, Corvette, Impala and the Camaro? Read on and find out all the brand differentials and the top reasons to buy a Chevrolet today:


  1. World recognition

A Chevrolet sold every 7 seconds: this brand represents the recognition of customers and the world market, achieved in more than 100 years of activity. There are more than 209 million cars and trucks marketed in about 140 countries. In Brazil, the automaker began its activities in the late 1950s, with the production of the Chevrolet Brasil truck. In these 90 years of history in national territory, the brand has won a demanding public and knows what it wants!


Powerful and economical engine


Combining these two requirements is essential to fall into the tastes of consumers seeking a powerful and efficient car, but at the same time economical for the pocket. In a test conducted by Inmetro this year, Chevrolet cars appear 3 times in the list of the 20 most economical in the city  and 4 times among the most economical on the road : Prisma  and Onyx are the highlight models of the brand in this category.


  1. Bold and elegant design

Chevrolet has a Design Center in tune with world trends, developing innovative designs that combine comfort, style and the most advanced technological resources of the market. All this ensures more comfort when driving, stability  even at higher speeds and excellent performance in the city or on the road.


  1. Security assurance

Safety is one of the main reasons to buy a Chevrolet. The automaker operates the largest testing ground in Latin America, using state-of-the-art instruments to test its cars on conditions faced by daily drivers, including rain, wind and damaged asphalt. In fact, Chevrolet’s quality control meets all the requirements of both Brazilian and American and European legislation.


  1. Focus on sustainability

Sustainability has been an important issue in all areas of development, and it could not be different in the auto industry.


. Unparalleled cost-benefit


Need more reasons to buy a Chevrolet? For a competitive and affordable value it is possible to purchase a car that offers:


powerful and economical engine;


great performance in the city or on the road ;


ample internal space and comfort;


constant innovations ;


good load capacity;


Chevrolet car options for all lifestyles ;


stability when driving;


safety  in standard and optional items;


style and sophistication in design;


network service  throughout the national territory.


With so many reasons to buy a Chevrolet, it is easy to see how the trajectory of the brand has led to the position of market leader and consumer dream among Brazilians. After all, winning a loyal clientele is not for everyone, is it? Are you ready to choose your Chevrolet? So get  in touch with us  and check out the best offers: our consultants are ready to answer your questions and offer more information through our Whatsapp channel!


New generation Cruze – Everything you expect from a Sedan.


An article by QuatroRodas magazine highlighted the three best sedans on the market, ranking them according to the best performance in the most diverse aspects, from the road performance to the functionality of their equipment. And this time, the Cruze, arrived to mark its position in the national market, being in first place among the evaluated ones. The Cruze 1.4 Turbo LTZ knows how to get attention. In addition to its eye-popping design, it also impresses with its modernity. Standard features such as the 3-way rear and center rear seat belts, front and rear parking sensor and MyLink system are some evidence that the Cruze has come to revolutionize the premium vehicle segment.  Below we list some differentials that make Cruze the perfect car for those who do not give up security and innovation.


Assistance in staying in the band


This system assists the driver in the correction of his track, ie he adjusts the vehicle with a light touch to the steering wheel and sends an alert so that it stays in line. The feature is made possible thanks to a camera installed on the front of the Cruze that monitors the trajectory being carried out.


Front impact warning


Security is another undeniable point of the Cruze. One of its innovations is the frontal collision warning, in which it detects if there is a risk of collision with the car of the front. The sensors identify the hazard and immediately trigger a visual and audible signal to the driver.


Blind Spot Alert


We know that the visibility of every driver is hampered by that dreaded blind spot, is not it? And while there are several resources to identify the presence of vehicles at these points, the risk of accidents is still imminent.  Therefore, the Cruze arrives with a new technology that alerts the driver when there is a car out of sight at the time of the change of track.


OnStar System


With just a simple touch it is possible to have access to the “personal assistant”, which assists the driver in what he needs and in real time. Monitoring the vehicle from a distance, knowing the news of the day, scheduling a meeting or meeting time has now become much more practical with this platform. The Auto Sport Program also carried out an article highlighting the Cruze LTZ’s main differentials, from auto assistance technologies to the adoption of the turbocharged engine, providing a sporty footprint and, at the same time, a low fuel consumption (similar to the popular compact cars ). Large families have high expectations with regard to their mode of transportation. And few options in the market have responded with such efficiency to such requirements as the Chevrolet Trailblazer. Arriving in the year 2016, to its third generation, this sport utility of the North American automaker has sought to provide comfort, safety and power for the urban walks and also those that extend through the field. A solution for long trips or leisure trips with many attractions in the luggage rack. Check out 6 reasons to have a Trailblazer!


  1. Power driven by gasoline or diesel

One of the immediate attractions of Trailblazer, the 4 × 4 that has fallen in love with many Brazilians, are the gasoline-powered 3.6-liter engines and the 2.8-liter Turbo Diesel with 4 cylinders that provide the desired power for truly challenging stretches.


  1. Internal space for all

In addition to folding seats, the Chevrolet Trailblazer also has ample space in its interior cabin, which provides comfort for up to seven people to travel peacefully. It can mean the end of those familiar discussions that usually begin with “it’s in my space.”


  1. Resources for all tastes

For those who like to combine mechanical power with cutting-edge technology, the Trailblazer concentrates a series of attractions for this versatile consumer. Among the features available are Hill Start Assist, an ally and both for those who do not like to stop on climbs, since the system prevents the car from going downhill.


  1. Versatility to drive the Trailblazer

The carrying capacity of the Trailblazer is something worthy of mention. After all, there is not always a utility with a capacity of up to 633 kg (on the gasoline-powered engine), plus 4 × 2 modes – best suited for city tours – and 4 × 4 for rugged terrain and adapted to the adventurous spirit of its drivers. SUV comfort, with large vehicle capacity.


  1. Details that make the difference

It should not be forgotten that, on a daily basis, a little comfort on board the vehicle does not hurt anyone. That’s why some Trailblazer details make him one of the champions of his class, such as the driver’s seat adjustment (in six different positions), audio control on the steering wheel and glove compartment with internal light, to facilitate the search for items personal.


  1. Ideal for the size of your family

With its sleek and stylish SUV, yet versatile to fit its needs, on the road ahead, Trailblazer has become a Chevrolet model especially for being a balance between small and large families , and for different vehicle applications day to day. With ample internal space, enviable power and state-of-the-art technological differentials, the Trailblazer has everything to keep for many years, still, in the Brazilian market. Now tell us: what is the difference of the Trailblazer that you like and that would like to count on him in his day-to-day journeys?